Why Now? – 100km Training Update

TNF 100km thailand 2020

Calf Strain

Still on the mend, after straining my right calf muscle.

Why Now?

Besides starting off with the flu, a year ago. I have trained the last 12 months almost injury free.

But 2 weeks out from the TNF 100. I got injured.

I have followed the advice, as much as possible. Rest, Ice, compression and elevation.

Now I’m massaging and applying heat.

7 Days

The injury is 7 days old. And it’s feeling 80% better. I have not run in 7 days, but tomorrow is the day.


The recovery plan was to, not apply and stress to the injury. But keep the legs moving.

  • Exercise bike,
  • Walking up hill, treadmill,
  • And make use of the Elliptical machine.

So Far So Good

Its time to run. Tomorrow I will run, 5 to 8 kms. Very light and very slow. Fingers crossed it all goes well!

Author: Shane

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