Western Forest Trail – Thailand 2020


Ultra Marathon 53km.

Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Here we go again! Waterfalls, Mountains & Tunnels.

Western Forest Trail,

Thailand 2020, May 17 2020.

Hello and Welcome,

Hi I’m Shane, and I’m an addict. Wait it’s not drugs or alcohol, I’m addicted too, it’s trail running.

Some people watch football or play tennis, but I like running. And running off the beaten track, is where mind and movement must be at one.

We can daydream during a road marathon, but not on the trails. Let your mind wonder for to long, and you’re risking injury or an embarrassing fall at the least.

Western Forest Trail – Thailand 2020

On the 17th of May 2020, I will lose my Western Forest Trail virginity.

I’m looking forward to the race, some of the photos of the terrain look enticing.

Western Forest Trail 2020

Where is the race located?

Sahakon Nikhom, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand.

Sahakon Nikhom is about 4 hours north west of Bangkok. I was in Kanchanaburi, last month, showing some visiting family members around Hellfires pass.

The drive up is very straight forward, once you’re out of the metro area,

HINT: If you’re going to use google maps, wait for the exact lane exit. The exits are sometimes so close together, turn early or late it very easy to do.

What to expect during the race?

Total elevation gain of 1.689 meters & Max elevation of 802 meters.

There will be plenty of food and water stops. And 9 first aid stations along the way.

Reading through the reviews from 2019. The course sounds and looks very scenic.

Pammy Wammy writes, (I love the name by the way!)

The path is so beautiful and the forest, so raw! I was so impressed with the ambiance of the forest.

Every station has cold water. Beware, the course has many slippery and sometimes dangerous spots. And a few water crossings.

I like it very much, and will be back next year.

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