Ultra Running Coaching

Ultra Running Coaching

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Do you need Ultra Running Coaching?

Welcome back,

I was dead against getting a coach for the north face 100. Why? Because there is plenty of free advice and training plans online.

And I used those resources with some success, but came up short in my first road marathon.

I bonked big time. You can see it below in my splits.

Ultra Running Coaching

Once I hit the 29k mark.

Someone pulled the plug on my energy? Just look at my face hahaha!!

Not a happy camper.

As I was getting closer to the end, all I could think about was “Where is this finish line”? It’s got to be around this corner. They must of have moved it, bastards!

Come on fatboy keep running. You can do it.

Ultra Running Coaching

For some reason I thought bonking or hitting the wall, was cramping.

When your body can not remove the lactic acid fast enough. Leading to muscle soreness and cramping.

I now understand bonking comes in many forms and a sudden loss of energy is one way.

Running 100kms

The last thing I want when running the 100 is to bonk. And being an absolute beginner to the sport of ultra running I needed more than just advice from the internet.

I want to prevent the embarrassment of failing due to poor preparation. I opened my big mouth one too many times, now everyone I know, knows. Arrrh!!!

Ultra Running Coaching

Enter Harry Jones

I contacted Mr Jones with a simple email, stating.

‘I want to start and finish The North Face 100km, Thailand in February 2020 in the best shape possible.’

I’m not looking set any records just finish without any serious injury.

Harry’s response? ‘I like that you’re putting your health above everything else.’

Mr Jones was hired as my coach.

3 weeks into Training with Harry.

I will not go into details about my individual training plan. As my training plan will be different to your training plan.

But every training session is recorded on Strava.

Minus some core strength training that I do on my own. 8 minutes of planks.

Training Update

The plan right now is to add some power to my legs. Mixed with some cross training.

I know I’m only 3 weeks in, but I can feel the results already.

I’m posting new PB’s with almost every run.

And learning to be patient by staying within the zone required for that session. Well as much as possible!!


Once I decided to run the north face 100. Getting up early to train became a little easier.

Now that I have a coach, who evaluates my training sessions.

I’m training with purpose.


I have no affiliation with harryruns coaching. I don’t get paid to send my readers to Harry. 

I just want to share my preparation with the hope that it might help someone achieve their own running goals.

But if you are interested in being trained by Harry. Click any of the hyperlinks where his name appears or use the link below.

Harry Runs Coaching

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