100km Training Update

Constant and Never Ending Improvement

The Goal

Run The North Face 100km Thailand in February 2020.

I experimented this morning.

I consumed 2 x Caffeine 200mg tablets in the hope of gaining an energy boost!

I don’t want to place blame on the tablets entirely. Because who knows they were just be a victim of circumstance.

Today’s run was a tough one.

Dry reaching, sorry! Sweat coming out by the bucket load and the overwhelming feeling of wanting just walk it back home.

Here what I wrote after getting back, while still recovering!

  • Stomach growling and sweat pouring. Monkey brain, just walk it’s ok.
  • My brain don’t stop it’s only 12k’s easy, just relax.

Again I had to use self talk to keep running.

My main line of thought.

It’s only 12k’s and you want to run 100. “Toughen up princess”.

Author: Shane

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