100km, Training Progress 01 February 2019

Constant and Never Ending Improvement

The Goal

Run The North Face 100km Thailand in February 2020.

100km Training Update


Training has become slightly routine, I need to set a challenging goal that exceeds anything I have ever done before.


Enter the North Face 100, Thailand. 100 kms of trail running, January 2020


Follow a set training plan come rain, hail or sunshine.


  • Planned training
    • 1 hour Gym
  • Actual training
    • Treadmill 20 mins, set to random max elevation 15
    • Strength training core
    • Thai boxing, 2 rounds 5 mins


Struggled with getting to the gym blues this morning, my chimp brain was saying,

  • exercise after work, it will be fine
  • maybe just stretch today
  • why are doing this anyway, running 100 kms is not normal

I didn’t do anything I just let the lazy side of my brain go on and on as I got ready for the gym.

Once ready I just started walking to the gym. I made and it ended up being a decent gym session.

Rain, hail or sunshine, 3, 2, 1 begin.

Author: Shane

Why is trail running taking over my life?

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