Training for 100kms Update

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The Goal

Run The North Face 100 km Thailand in February 2020.

Smashed out a quick 20ks Monday morning, well quick for me.

To be honest I really didn’t feel like running once the alarm went off. I think I came up with 3 or 4 reasonable excuses of why it would be ok to go back to bed.

But I didn’t I put on my running dress and hit the road. I have been trying this new motto to get me out the door on those tougher mornings.

‘Doing Something is better than Doing Nothing’

Warm Up

Nice easy 1k to warm up. Relaxed enjoying the scenery.

Zone 2 Training

The training scheduled was 60 to 70 mins staying within zone 2.

I wanted to enjoy the run and not put any pressure on myself by competing with my pace or overall time.

And feeling a bit flat I thought this would be the best option. And it was, during the run I avoided watch watching and focused on my form and candace.

Just trying to run with ease and not pushing too hard.

So I was very surprised to see my overall of 5:16 for the 20ks.

Plus a couple of bonus PR’s.

I was very happy. The run felt great, although the stairs on the green mile going back made me take a couple of deep breaths.

Still to Learn

Diet must be one of the hardest things to get right. Because there is plenty of ‘but it works for me’ philosophy out there!

From what I understand right now. The Keto diet seems to be the best. But for a bit of an extra kick I’m adding in the 5 days a month of fasting mimicking diet.

Follow to links if you want to find out more.


About 1ltr every 10ks is right for me. Plus I drink 3 or 4 cups at every aid station along the way.

I’m currently trying to figure out if this will be ok for the 100. So right now I going through the trial and error stage.

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