Trail Runner kills lion with bare hands

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Don’t Mess with Trail Runners

That’s What Makes Trail Running Fun!

Want to improve your speed across rugged terrain?

Get chased by a mountain lion, Warning this training method might only work once!

I have had to deal with my fair share of dogs.

But a mountain lion no.

In the 3 minute video this guy explains how he killed the attacking mountain lion with his bare hands.

How to deal with dogs when running.

I’m not sure I agree with everything in the below video.

My tips for avoiding dogs when running.

If I see a dog ahead behaving in a way that makes me un sure.

  • I stop running and walk.
  • I look straight ahead but watch the dog at the same time.

99 times out of 100, thats it. I get past and start running again.

1 in 100

To be honest I have only been attacked twice in 40 years of outdoor exercising. And one of those attacks I was on my bike.

Its very early in the morning 0340.

Still dark in the back sois of Bangkok, no streets lights only light is from the houses alining the soi.
Out of the dark a decent size dog jumps me.

The dog is going for my leg.

I moved my leg and yelled as strong as I could Nooooooo.

Now in hindsight I should of said mai, Thai for no.

My heart was racing and I was reacting rather than thinking.

I don’t know if the dog stopped because I stopped running or because I yelled, combination of the two?

That was five years ago and I still look out for that dog when I run down that soi.

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