TNF 100km Thailand Registration Complete

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It’s official

I have just completed the registration for The North Face 100km in Thailand on the 1st of February 2020.

I have booked the time off work and my training is well underway.

Time turn it up!

How to increase endurance safely!
Some very simple rules to follow

  1. Don’t run too far to soon,
  2. Don’t run to fast on the long training sessions,
  3. Run to conditions. Example, stay within your limits don’t try and push the pace into a headwind.
  4. Take a break between long runs. Example avoid running 30 or 40k’s back to back etc.
  5. Avoid running too far before the actual race.
  6. If you miss some training due to illness etc don’t try to catch up. Add some shorter runs, rather than a longer run.
  7. Learn as much as possible about refueling before, during and after the ultra run.

Training Progress

The goal is run three times to per week and include two body weight resistance sessions.

3rd run for the week!

2nd run for the week!

1st run for the week!

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