I’m Excited, New Shoes!

Speedgoat 4

Speedgoat 4

Now available in a wide fit

Maybe its a bit early to write this.

But I have been waiting for a long time to get these shoes in the wide fit, and now they are on the way.

I already own the Hoka One One ATR 5’s. In the black and green.

But I have racked up a few kilometers now, and they have been through some rough terrain.

ATR 5 Black and Green
Hoka One One ATR 5’s

I was just about to order a new pair of the ATR 5’s in the new Myrtle and Charcoal Gray colors.

Until I saw that the Speedgoats now come in a wide fit.

ATR 5 Myrtle and Charcoal Gray
ATR 5’s in the new Myrtle and Charcoal Gray

I’m 47, should I still be excited about buying new shoes?

Who care’s, buying almost anything brand new feels good. And when it comes to running gear. I’m a sucker, I buy it.

But how could stop myself, just look at these Speedgoats.

Speedgoat 4

speedgoat 6 pics
Speedgoat 4

I must admit the more I run in the Hoka’s, the bigger the fan I become.

I no longer worry about blister or sore shins!

My Hoka One One List

Now if I can just get Hoka to let me join there affiliate program, everything will be golden!!


I hit the trails this morning racking up almost 5 hours, up and down the hills in the hot sun.

Perfect training for the north face 100. And the Speedgoats performed as expected. BUT!

Speedgoat 4 flap

The nice looking flap on the top of the shoe, lost its glue.

And now its flapping in the wind. I have emailed Hoka. But its Saturday, so I guess Monday will be the earliest reply. Stay tuned.




I got a reply from Hoka.

Thank you for the pictures and the information regarding the Mens Speedgoat 4 Wide US 9

Due to the increasing number of damaged shoes being submitted for warranty claims, we are now asking that upon request, some shoes be sent back to our head office for inspection before an approval for replacement can be given.

We will gladly replace any shoes that are found to have a genuine manufacturing defect or fault, however, shoes that have been damaged by the customer, or are purely showing wear and tear that is consistent with their age and usage may be rejected.

Please return these shoes to us via our reply paid address below for assessment, including a copy of the customers receipt.

My Reply


I’m entered into the TNF 100, Thailand, 01/02/2020. It’s very unlikely that the shoes would be back in time for the race.
I purchased some water proof glue, and have glued the flap back down, for now.
The shoes performed fine. It was only the flap that came unstuck. I don’t need new shoes. I was just disappointed that the glue failed, so quickly.

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