Modafinil for Runners

Can Modafinil Help Runners?

Modafinil for Runners

I’m always looking for the latest biohacking ideas.

And Modafinil is one hack I have tried many times before at work but never for running!

I love to self experiment, it’s the only way to know if what works for others will work for me.

So I tried Modafinil for Running. You might be surprised by the results!

Modafinil for Runners.

I recently came across some interesting studies on the effects of Modafinil on Runners. That concluded ‘Modafinil will increase your running performance’. But more about that shortly.

Modafinil for Runners

I have been a runner from the age of 7. My teachers were always encouraging about my running. But it wasn’t until I reached high school that I started to believe them.

I was about 16 at the time when the school I was attending held a joint 10km run. Which meant I would be competing against much older students.

Bang! The starter’s pistol went and so did I. Flat out leaving most behind in my dust. About 5 or 6km in. I saw some friends and stopped to chat for a few minutes before taking off again. Overtaking everyone I could see.

It wasn’t long before I saw the finish and there was my teacher yelling at me to keep going and get past the kid in front of me. Not knowing at the time what it meant. I did as I was told and dug in with a big sprint to the end.

I crossed the finish line about 5 or 6 meters behind the kid I was told to beat.

My teacher ran over and gave me a big hug and said you came 2nd well done. She had tears in her eyes. She said I told you, you can run. Do you believe me now?

That’s great, 2nd for my age I said. No you came in 2nd overall my teacher said. At that point I thought it best not to tell her I stopped to chat for a few minutes to my friends.

But it did make me think maybe they are right and maybe I can run.

Then and Now.

From that point onward I have been a runner. But as my age starts to creep up. I’m in denial that it will effect me.

My thinking is, right or wrong, all I need is better training, set more exciting goals and to make use of the latest technology/Bio hacking available. Enter Modafinil!

Modafinil for Runners

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a psycho-stimulant that treats narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. With “arousal” properties that increase the release of dopamine in the CNS (Central Nervous System).

If your feeling tired and overworked. Modafinil can help. The list of benefits of Modafinil is long. Here a just a few.

  • Elevated mood,
  • Fatigue prevention,
  • Quicker reaction time,
  • Better logical reasoning,
  • and increased motivation

Modafinil for Runners Continued.

Fifteen healthy people, exercised on a cycle ergo-meter for 5 min at 50% V̇O2 max and then at 85% V̇O2 max to exhaustion. They did this weekly for 3 weeks. Some were given Modafinil and some a placebo.


  • Oxygen uptake at exhaustion was up slightly. But significantly greater for the Modafinil group compared with the Placebo group.
  • The Modafinil groups perceived exertion were significantly lower compared with the Placebo group.

In another study of Modafinil.

Participant forming two groups were given Modafinil and were put through a series of cognitive tests.

Group A, were sleep‐deprived and Group B were not. Both groups were given a dose of 300 mgs of Modafinil over a 50 minute period.


Both groups reported;

  • Improved fatigue levels,
  • Motivation,
  • Reaction time
  • and vigilance.

Group A, the already sleep‐deprived individuals, overestimate their cognitive abilities (i.e. ‘overconfidence’).

There were no recorded side effects.

Conclusion – Modafinil will help Runners.

Modafinil for Runners

Buying Modafinil.

To buy Modafinil over the counter at your local pharmacy you will need a prescription in most countries.

Its much easier to Buy Modafinil Online.

If you’re new to Modafinil, this next section explains all you need to know quickly.

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Types and Names of Modafinil Explained

There are two types of Modafinil.

Long lasting – Armodafinil (12 Hours).

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Vilafinil is the same as Modalert but Vilafinil works in half the time (20 minutes). Because it dissolves in your mouth.

One more thing before we move on.

  1. Modalert is slightly stronger than Modvigil,
  2. And Waklert is slightly stronger than Artvigil.

Modafinil for Runners

How Much does Modafinil cost?

I have used Modalert for the example. But the prices carry across the other products as well.

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