Marathon Training

Marathon Training, Under 4 hours

My Personal Best is 4 hours 20 mins, completed in October 2019.

I have hired a coach, to add structure to my training. And allow me to focus on my weight and diet.

I’m too fat. I want to lose 10kgs. I exercise plenty, but my diet is shit. And must be improved. Being 10 kilos lighter will make running a whole lot easier.

Now all I have to do is lose the weight.

In a previous blog, I wrote that, in order to loose weight, I need to eat less and move more. Which is correct, but not the whole story.

But one step at a time. To eat less I’m going to use intermittent fasting. I will not eat for 16 hours, and do all my eating in an 8 hour slot.

Now, if I was to start that today I would fail, I know that. So I have started with a 10 hour fast, and a 14 hour eating period. Allowing myself time, to build up to the 16 hours.

I’m doing that already, but I need to shorten the time, to get to 16 hours. As of today, I will not eat for 12 hours. Which gives me a 50 50 split. I will stick to this for 3 months, then up the fasting time, to 14 hours for another, 3 months.

While I’m building up to the 16 hours of fasting, I will begin to cut out all the bad food I eat. Not all at once, but slowly, day by day.

Check in every now and again, to see how I’m going.

Good Luck Runners!

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