Dong Phayayen – Khao Yai X6 Series NANG RONG NAKHON NAYOK

Leaving Bangkok

For the 21km trail run @ Dong Phayayen, Khao Yai.

It’s about a 2 hour drive, we will up load some photos of anything interesting along the the way.

Plus full details of the event, HERE

Arrived Safely

Registration complete, well organized event so far.

It would not be a Thai event without the customary 2m x 3m high stacked speakers, thumping out whatever suits the mood.

Being an ex DJ I cant help but wanting to play some tracks through their massive set up.

Hotel Check in

We were met by a lovely lady who showed us to our room. Nice and quiet room away from the busy traffic heading to Khao Yai National Park.

Did I forget something?

Quick Gear Check

  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Shorts
  • Watch, fully charged
  • Running vest
  • Water bottles filled
  • Band aids
  • Anti chaffing cream
  • Energy gels
  • and lastly the hat.

Fresh fruit along the main road

Local Attractions

Coffee and dinner at the overdose bar and cafe plus a quick shop for some last minute supplies.

The ATV”s looked like fun.

Quick drive to find parking for tomorrow and then up for a look at Nong Rong Waterfall.

Nong Rong Waterfall

Back to the hotel for some r&r. Ready for the 4am wake up.


Turns out we didn’t need all that gear. It was a 80% road race, with plenty of water stations along the way.

Really enjoyed the run, great event and well organized.

Update on who won to follow.

Find all the photos of runners HERE.

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