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TNF 100 Thailand 2020
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Hollywood, Not – 100km Update

Unlike Hollywood movies, not all stories have a happy ending. What Happened? First up, I take 100% responsibility for the DNF. I will not blame…

My First 100km
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3 Days to Go! 100km Training Update

Constant and Never Ending Improvement After straining my calf muscle, 8 days ago. My training has come to a complete stop. I ran too early…

TNF 100km thailand 2020
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Why Now? – 100km Training Update

Calf Strain Still on the mend, after straining my right calf muscle. Why Now? Besides starting off with the flu, a year ago. I have…

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100km Training update 11 days to go!!

Minor Set Back Got up nice and early, ready to put in my last distance run before TNF 100. The plan was to run 35…