Can I Run With The Flu?

Can I run with the flu

Excuse Me! Can I Run With The Flu?

Yes, but follow these steps first.

The following will help you make the decision to run or not much easier.

Reduce the chances of getting the flu by 85%

I know by a tickle in the back of my throat that I have caught a bug!

Straight away, I take 1000iu of vitamin C. And for the next 6 hours, I take another 1000iu on the hour. On the following day, I take 1000iu 3 times with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

By following these steps you can expect a decrease of 85% of your cold and flu like symptoms.

Can I Run With The Flu?

Have A Big Race Coming Up?

Better to be prepared! As a precaution leading up to a race, I take 1000iu of Vitamin C, 3 times per day. But when I travel by plane anywhere, I bump that up to 4 times a day.





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