Brooks Trail on the Rock December 2018

What a great introduction to Trail Running.

The staff from Brooks Trail on the Rock December 2019 and the rest of the crew did an outstanding job putting this race together.

It’s my wife’s first trail run, so we booked the 7km.


  • The view from the top was worthy of a postcard
  • The first section of the run was all up hill
    • I love how quickly the excitement of starting the race quickly turns into, “Oh shit this is real now”.
  • My wife came in 9th place.
  • The kids starting the race with music and the high 5’s at the end.
    • As I was finishing I could here the kids saying quick quick farang farang. So the finishing high 5’s was a must.
  • The organisation of the day, went down perfectly.
    • Well at least from my vantage point, who know what went on behind the scene. From my past experiences of hosting events there at least 2 or 3
      • Oh shit I forgot the ……
      • What do you mean they are not coming?
      • Please tell me your joking!
  • When we signed in to pick up the runners pack the girls looked twice at me and said this is the 7km desk.
    • I will take that as a compliment, meaning you look like you run more than 7kms. Or maybe they were thinking you can’t run 7km fat boy!!! 

Not so Highlights

  • Most of the 7kms was on the road.
  • My shirt was too small.
    • My fault of course, did somebody say pizza?
    • The staff exchanged the shirt for a larger one with a smile, thank you

We arrived the day before and had a look around. Sampled some of the village food, checked out the course and booked into the bungalow and rested.

See you at the next Brooks Trail on the Rock, maybe we will do 21km next time!

Author: Shane

Why is trail running taking over my life?

2 thoughts on “Brooks Trail on the Rock December 2018

  1. 555, I was on this race too.
    The first 3kms was all up hill, lucky it was on the road!
    I’m looking forward to the next trail run.
    Have you guy’s registered for another race yet?

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