3 Days to Go! 100km Training Update

My First 100km

Constant and Never Ending Improvement

After straining my calf muscle, 8 days ago.

My training has come to a complete stop. I ran too early and injured the calf.

3 Days to Go!

100km Training Update

After resting and apply RICE treatment. I hit the beach for a very light run.

All was great, until the 2.5 km turn around point. The pain in my calf returned!

For the next few days, I was thinking I can’t start a 100 km run with a strained calf muscle, that’s insane. The last year of training ends with no race.

But after the shock wore off. I realized that I had still had time for the calf to heal again.

3 Days Out.

I’m guessing, but I would say the calf is 70 to 80% healed. And the only training I can do, is hit the sauna.

I have the heat pack out and I’m using compression socks. It seems to be working. So far so good!

I don’t know, what will happen on race day. But I do know one thing I will be there.

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