100km Training Update

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The Goal

Run The North Face 100km Thailand in February 2020.

Training Update

The latest running results, via Strava.

Hin Poeng Trail 2019

What a great place to run!

The road to 25kms, running in the parks and along the roads of Bangkok is great. But running trail in some of the best national parks in Thailand is something special!

And the Hin Poeng Trai 2019 exceeded all expectations.

Steep climbs, rocky flats, low hanging bamboo and plenty of like minded trail runners.

Hin Poeng TRAIL 2019

The drive there and back.

Some how I was able to add an extra 1 and half hours to the drive down? I would like to blame google maps.

But I think I may of missed a very important toll way entrance in Bangkok.

On the way back 3 hours, perfect. We went via Min Buri.

Hin Poeng TRAIL 2019

Hin Poeng Trail 2019

Thanks to all the Hin Poeng Trail 2019 staff.

We had a great time. As did the Sun Flower Runner!

Hin Poeng TRAIL 2019

The Race

The first 2 to 3 kms was slightly up hill and on the road. Quickly switching to a mostly flat gravel road for another 1 to 2 kms.

Around the 6km mark we hit the trail, and that’s were we stayed for the next 19 to 20kms.

Hin Poeng TRAIL 2019

The Hin Poeng Trail 2019 was not a runnable trail, unless you have;

  • extremely good balance,
  • a knack for picking the exact place to put your feet every time
  • and are willing to risk life and limb for the glory!

But to me and everyone I saw, this was a great inclusion. Selfies by every one!

I don’t why but watching my follow trail runners slip and fall into the water always make me laugh!

Hin Poeng TRAIL 2019

Back to the race, the trail was well marked very difficult at times, but always fun.

Lot’s of ducking through the bamboo, running around big puddles of water and plenty of tough up hill sections

We will definitely go again next year.

Hin Poeng TRAIL 2019

This video is only 4 minutes and a great view of Hin Poeng Trail 2019!

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