100km Training Update

Less than 5 weeks to go!

TNF 100km, Thailand 1st February 2020

A few days ago I felt the stress for the first time,

  • am I ready,
  • and did I do enough training etc.

But that went away when. Until I read the below.

A medical team will check runner’s conditions at CP5 (50km) during 12:00 – 13:30 to confirm whether you can or cannot continue onto the second loop.

Had to laugh at myself. With the training I’m doing and have done I hope to be well past the 50km mark by 12pm.

100km Training Update

I still have a few small things to get sorted, that could become big things on the day if I don’t get them right now!

I have not got exactly what I’m going to carry in my backpack or what I will have in my resupply bags along the way finished yet. I have a rough idea. But rather than guess I have asked my coach for any words of wisdom he may have.

Hydration. I need to be able to carry 2L of water. It does not need to be full just able to carry 2L. So far the plan is carry 1L in my 2L bladder on my back inside the vest. And 2 x 500ml refillable drinks bottles on the front, for my electrolytes.

I didn’t notice myself until a friend at work pointed out that my calves have grown quiet a lot since I started training.

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