100km Training Update

Constant and Never Ending Improvement

The Goal

Run The North Face 100 km Thailand in February 2020.

100km Training Update

I needed to rack up roughly 21ks for this training session.

I couldn’t get away to train on the trails. So I plan to run the green mile stairs plus Benjakiti and Lumpini Parks.

But Benjakiti Park is partly closed to repair the drains. No stress, I’ll just run whatever is available.

The Hard Truth

My legs felt like concrete as soon as I started running this morning. So I knew it would be a slow start. No records broken today. But another decent training session completed.

My guess is I’m not only when I say that. Just getting out the door some days is a win. Don’t get me wrong, I love running. And the more consistent my training is the easier and easier getting out there is. But still it happens!

Please if you have any tricks that you use. Please Share Here. And I will upload your comments for everyone to read. Put “Out the door” in the subject space. Makes it easy to find. We get hit with spam quiet a lot.

Hydration Update

I have cut back to carrying only 1ltr of water. With aid station every 10kms or so I’m comfortable with that.

The argument to add salt or not to add salt is a tricky one. From what I can find it would seem most agree that the salt gained from food and energy gels etc during the race if enough.

With that in mind I will not be adding any salt tablets to my water. But electrolytes yes!

After the 42ks through the jungle my shoulders were done. And after consulting with my coach as above the 1ltr rule wins.

Quick note: I noticed all the runners in the top 10 were carrying only the 500mls required. 8 of the 10 didn’t even have a vest.

I guess when you have run a few marathons you know what you need to carry.

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