100km Training Update

training for 100kms

Constant and Never Ending Improvement

100km Training Update

The Goal

Run The North Face 100 km Thailand in February 2020.

Increased Training

A little bit behind the schedule but the training is increasing none the less.

What I like and hate about training.

Some mornings I just do not want run, not because I dislike running but because I feel sluggish and feel like I will run below my expectations.

For example the morning of the warm up run was one of those days. But as we do, I started to run and by the 4k mark I was feeling much better and started to run freely. In fact I beat my 21k personal best.

How to get your mind right for running

In this video below Ned Phillips explains the method I use now to get through the tougher times during a long run.

It’s Ned’s method I just use it. Maybe you can too?

Training update via Strava

Cool Down Run 21 September 2019

Warm up Run 21 September 2019

Freo Doctor Run 17 September 2019

Night Run 12 September 2019

Night Run 08 September 2019

Night Run 30 August 2019

Morning Run 26 August 2019

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