100km Training Update

Constant and Never Ending Improvement

The Goal

Run The North Face 100km Thailand in February 2020.

Improvements Average km pace has improved. 5.14/km

Compared to 5.53/km 19.10.2019

Training Focus Update

As advised, I’m working with weights to improve my leg strength.

  • Squats,
  • lunges,
  • Step ups etc….

I have also added 15mins stretch after every run/workout.

My stretching focus is on my hamstrings and calves.

I seem to be tight in only those two area’s after the long runs.

To help with loosening my legs up, I have purchased a PUREWAVE™ CM-07, Vibration Therapy Massager.

power massager
PUREWAVE™ CM-07, Vibration Therapy Massager

No idea if I have wasted my money yet or not?

I will post an update once I have received the machine and get a couple weeks of use in.

Purewave Update

The purewave is great, well worth the money!

Update on the short term Goal

The Goal, Beat a course record that I held until recently.

5.8kms in under 25mins. Sounds easy right!

Well the course is not straight, contains many trip hazards and it’s not on the road.

Mission Complete

What I have learnt so far.

Running at 47 is a lot tougher than running at 27. I still feel fit and strong, but the body does not recover as fast as it used too.

To allow for my age I have added the stretching and loosing some weight to my overall fitness plan.


16 hours of not eating which leaves an 8 hour window.

Yeah I’m still working on that. My average fasting time is down to 14 hours so a bit more work needs to be done there.

Another month or two and the real training for 100kms starts. Now is the preparation and learning phase.

The Goal

Run the 2020 North Face 100km in Thailand.

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