100km Training update 11 days to go!!

Minor Set Back

Got up nice and early, ready to put in my last distance run before TNF 100.

The plan was to run 35 kms in zone 2, on the treadmill.

I’m 5 kms in, when I feel a sudden pain in my right calf. Panic set’s in!!

But I calm myself down, lower the pace and incline, thinking I can run this out, no problem.

But it soon became obvious, that I wasn’t running this one out. So I stopped and hit the exercise bike for an hour.

Reality Check

I get off the bike and it’s painful to walk.

I’m feeling confident, that haven’t done any major damage, as the pace was slow and my body was warm.

But to be safe, I applied the R.I.C.E procedure, asap. That was Sunday the 19th of January. The race is in 12 days.

Check One

I emailed my coach, with the bad news.

Its now Tuesday the 21st, and the calf is less painful. I have not exercised again yet. I will hit the bike Wednesday afternoon for a very light session.

In the mean time, I will apply some heat treatment and rest up. I’m very confident it will be fine, come race day.

All being well, I will hit the road Saturday for a light 5 to 8 km run.

Check Two

I will update again, after the bike ride.

But be assured, I’m running the 100 kms. I don’t care if I have to wrap my calf with gaffe tape. I’m running. 




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