100km Training Update

Constant and Never Ending Improvement

The Goal

Run The North Face 100km Thailand in February 2020.

Training Update After an extended holiday it’s back to work!

And back to the set routine of training, something I must add to my next extended holiday.

The Training Plan

mpkm = minutes per kilometer

  • Rest days
    • Thursday and Tuesday
      • I include stretching on these days, mainly calves and hamstring.
      • And massaging the tight area’s with a massage ball and the deep tissue with the pure wave.
  • Cross Training, Kickboxing, weights etc.
    • Friday
      • I’m at the mercy of my trainer. Push ups, sit ups and of course hitting the pads is a normal session.
      • But sometimes my trainer will throw 200 push kicks and/or 200 to 400 knees both on the heavy bag.
      • Clinching and sparring when one of the fighter is in camp and needs multiple training partners.
  • Long Run, start 11 kms progress up to 80 kms and taper down to 42 kms 3 weeks before the race
    • Saturdays
  • Speed Work,
    • Sunday
      • 4 x 400m sprints, outside if possible
      • or minutes runs as below, minute runs are on the treadmill,
        • 1 minute fast pace 3.50 mpkm 1 minute rest
        • 2 minutes fast pace 3.50 mpkm 2 minute rest
        • 3 minutes fast pace 3.50 mpkm 3 minute rest
        • 2 minutes fast pace 3.25 mpkm 2 minute rest
        • 1 minute fast pace 3.00 mpkm 1 minute rest
  • Easy Training run, no longer than 16 kms, includes drills. I try to stay around the 5 minute to 5.30 mpkm pace.
    • Monday
      • Butt kicks 2 x 50m
      • Knee lifts 2 x 50m
      • Skipping 2 x 50m

How to achieve the goal

By following a set training schedule that has been used successfully by others.

Why run 100kms

Everyday training had become routine. I need a challenge!

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