100km Training Update

Constant and Never Ending Improvement

The Goal

Run The North Face 100km in Thailand, January 2020.

Training Update

I’m still a couple of months away before the real training starts. But the perpetration training is progressing fine.

Being over 45, I have had to spend a lot more time stretching and treating after exercise soreness than expected. Nothing serious beside the flu at the very beginning of the year.

April is the worst month of the year to train outdoors in Thailand. Very hot and humid, hydration is key.

Training Continues Regardless.

The Training Plan

  • Rest days
    • Thursday and Tuesday
  • Cross Training, Kickboxing, weights etc.
    • Friday
  • Long Run, start 11 kms progress up to 80 kms and tapper down to 42 kms 3 weeks before the race
    • Saturdays
  • Speed Work, 4 x 400m
    • Sunday
  • Easy Training run, no longer than 16kms, includes drills.
      • Butt kicks 2 x 50m
      • Knee lifts 2 x 50m
      • Skipping 2 x 50m
    • Monday

How to achieve the goal

By following a set training schedule that has been used successfully by others.

Why run 100kms

Everyday training had become routine. I need a challenge!

What I have learnt so far


Fasting works, I started fasting for 16 hours per day.

I fell off the wagon during a recent extended holiday, my fasting hours dropped to 13 hours per day. I really felt the difference compared to the 16 hour fast.

Avoid fibre 2 days before a long run.

Unless you have a toilet handy, avoid eating high fibre foods 48 to 24 hours before a long run.

I like to eat Sweet Potato’s, I find they give me a good solid energy base. I will eat 2 medium sized sweet potato’s the day before a long. Sweet Potato’s contain 2.5 grams of fibre per 100 grams.

Unlike Chai Seeds, Chia seeds maybe the best source of fibre on earth. 34.4 grams per 100 grams of fibre.


Caffeine 200mg tablets, I tried using caffeine for an energy boost before a long run a couple times.

I avoid caffeine before running for two reasons.

  1. Caffeine increases the heart rate and cause’s fatigue over longer distances.
  2. Caffeine in known to increase the likelihood of bowel movement.

Energy Gels Work, I’m an energy gel convert.

And why not they are

  • very light to carry
  • a quick and easy source of nutrition
  • and can give a slight energy boost, be sure to check the caffeine level before purchasing.

Training schedule

I have been using a training plan set out by successful long distance runners.

But due to travel and lifestyle chooses I have had to modify the plan.

For example

  • I have two rest days, the days I travel
  • and cross training is Muay Thai training

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