100km, Training Progress 28 February 2019

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The Goal

Run The North Face 100km Thailand in February 2020.

Training Progress Why I’m Training, Re-cap


Everyday training had become a little mundane. So I set myself a goal that could only be achieved through sustained dedication.

At my current endurance fitness level, 100 km would be next to impossible.


Increase my endurance fitness, overtime. End goal run 100 km non stop.

Non Stop to me means;

  • Walking up steep hills is OK
  • Walking down steep hills to prevent injury is OK
  • Refill points and toilet stops all good


Start with a set plan and learn as much as possible along the way.

Most of the information I can find all suggest cross training and to include 1 long run per week.

With the long runs getting longer each session.


Overview of training plan

  • Cross training
    • Kick boxing
    • Body weight resistance training
  • Running
    • Several short runs during the week under 10 km
    • Hill training, I’m forced to use the treadmill for this
    • One long run per week
      • complete a 75 km run before October 2019 and a 50 km before June 2019.


Rough start to the training plan with most of February lost, due to illness.

Good success by the close of February. Clocking a 24 km run in 2 hrs.39 mins.

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