100 km Training Update

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The Goal

Run The North Face 100km in Thailand, February 2020.

Training Update

The real training starts 05 July 2019.

Following a set plan of two short runs between 5 and 8kms. And one long run, starting 11kms then building up to 70kms, per week.

The plan is to run long every second weekend, with some cross training and the two short runs. Example of week one below.


  1. The training plan was set out by modifying existing plans available online. I had to change the plan to suit my employment and travel arrangements.
  2. I’m prepared to alter the plan if something is not working.
  3. I am not prepared to alter the goal of running 100 kms in January 2020.

Week one, Day one

  • Rest Day, due to travel/work commitments

Day two

  • Cross training 40 to 60 mins
    • Weights stretching etc.

Day Three

  • Long Run 11 kms
    • Distance pace between 530 to 630 kilometers per minuet.

Day four

  • Speed work 30 to 40 mins
    • 5 mins or less per km for 5 mins with a 2 min rest

Day five

  • Short run 5 to 8 kms

Day six

  • Rest Day

Day seven

  • Short run 5 to 8 kms

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