100 km Training Update

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The Goal

Run The North Face 100km in Thailand, February 2020.

Training Update

38 kms is longest I have run since my days in the army.

Everything was great up until I reached 20 kms. From that point on things slowly went down hill, as the per kilometer time shows.

Cramps set it at 37 kms, walking and a slow jog was it until the end.

Training Update

What Happen?

Was I dehydrated and suffering from a lack of electrolytes? 

That was my first thought, but it seems I was wrong!

The most Common Cause of Cramps is something called Altered neuromuscular control.

What is Altered Neuromuscular Control

Exercise-associated muscle crampsEAMC is due to Altered Neuromuscular Activity. Better known as muscle fatigue.

Common in long distance sports, like ultra running and elite athletes.

How to Prevent Muscle Fatigue – Cramps

Knowing what causes muscle fatigue will help with knowing how to prevent it!

  • inadequate conditioning,
  • hot and or humid environments,
  • increased intensity,
  • increased duration,
  • and decreased supply of energy

Check I did them all wrong!

Moving Forward

Inadequate conditioning,

  • Run a minimum of 3 times per week, distance is varied.
    • 2 runs between 5 and 8 kms
    • and 1 long run. Increasing the distance as the event gets closer. Tip, run long every 2nd week.
    • Example 20, 10, 26, 13, 32, 16 kms and so on!

My mistake was to use the treadmill, weight training and a quick 14 kms 2 days before.

Hot and or humid environments,

  • Start training very early or late in the day to prevent sun exposure.

I started at 0530 and finished a 0930, way to late. It was 34 degrees by the time I hit the 30 km mark.

Increased intensity,

  • I’m using work as an excuse not to run a minimum of 3 times per week.
  • To complete 100 kms I must change this!

Increased duration,

  • My next long run will 20 kms and build from there.

And decreased supply of energy.

Eating right is a never ending discussion. One week it’s this and another week it’s that.

What to do? Well you should never take advice about money from a poor man, so what do the leaders in long distance running eat?

Best Foods for Long Distance Running

Firstly avoid these foods

  • High fiber foods
  • Excessively fatty foods
  • Spicy food
  • Too much caffeine
  • Alcohol

One week out, increase these foods.

  • Salmon
    • anti-inflammatory omega-3s
  • Lean beef
    • high in iron and protein. Marathon runners are often low in iron.
  • and whole grains
    • whole wheat pasta wild rice etc. Great for energy and recovery

Pre Run Meals, 1 to 2 hours before event.

Small Snacks

  • 1 or 2 bananas,
  • a smoothie,
  • energy gel or bar with water.

Need something bigger?

  • porridge with fruit,
  • muesli and yogurt,
  • banana on toast with peanut butter of honey.

During the Run

  • Water with salt or salt tablets,
    • often overlooked by runners, but it’s a must for the long distance runners.
  • Energy gels and bars,
  • Cookies.

Mission Complete

  • Chocolate milk or milkshake,
  • Natural yogurt based smoothie,
  • Toast with peanut (or almond) butter,
  • Muesli with Greek yogurt and mixed berries.


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