100 km Training Update

Constant and Never Ending Improvement

The Goal

Run The North Face 100km Thailand in February 2020.

Training Update

The latest running results, via Strava.

Basic plan, follow the training schedule outlined in, Run Less Run Faster.

Three runs per week and cross training in between. Like you I have other commitments, so I have added and subtracted to the plan, allowing for work, family etc.

Did I stick to the plan, this week?

Of course, well close enough!


1st run for the week.

Nothing to stressful, easy warm up then a 5k treadmill run followed by body resistance training.


2nd run for the week.

Today should of been a gym day with cross training. But we had a break from the rain so I took advantage and hit the trail before it got dark.


Cross training this morning. No weights just body resistance.

  • Chin ups,
  • Dips,
  • Squats,
  • Push ups,
  • and Sit ups

3 sets of each.

  • 1st set warm up, 10 to 20 reps
  • 2nd and 3rd set, till failure.

1 to 2 minutes of rest between sets or when my heart rate is back under 100 bpms.


3rd run for the week.

This run is split into 3 sections.

  • 1st to the park,
  • 2nd around the park,
  • and 3rd back home.

The aim today, use the 1st section as a warm up. Hit a decent pace for the 2nd section and warm down in the 3rd section.

What have I learnt so far?

Getting to 100 kms physically is a lot of running with strength and conditioning.

The goal, getting the time up on your feet and developing core strength etc.

That’s the easy part!

The Hard Part

What to eat! Normally I skip breakfast, not every day but most days. Training or not.

From what I have learnt this will have to change.

Learning to ultra run, means learning how to fuel your body before, during and after the event.

Trials and errors, of finding out what to eat.

  • I tried a bowl of pasta 3 hours before the 7k run a few days back.
    • Felt really good with lots of energy.
  • 2 hour before the 9k run I tried yogurt with dates, raisins and a spoon full of oats.
    • Should of eaten 3 hours before running, other than that felt good.

What’s Next

A long run!

The goal for the next training session is to try eating during the run.

My longest run so far is 38kms. And I suffered from cramps and dehydration at the end of that.

What went wrong? Bad fueling before and during the run. Plus not adding salt to my water.

Diet Trial

Before the run.

  • 2 hours before I start I will eat, 1 banana with yogurt and a spoon full of oats.

During the run.

  • 1 energy gel every 5kms after the first 10kms,
  • Hand full of dates at 15kms,
  • Hand full of raisins at 25kms washed down with some flat coke,
  • Some dried apples at 35kms with some more flat coke,
  • Topping up with salty water whenever I like.
  • Repeat the process until I finish sometime after 40kms.


Nice easy pace, finished with no cramps or dehydration.

Went out for lunch no stress. But I did take a short nap after lunch!!

Did I eat as planned?

I let the first 10ks go past just drinking Gatorade and water. 50/50 mix.

Every 5ks after that I downed a gel and either a bag of nuts or raisins.

At the 25k mark or thereabouts I stopped for a can of coke. First time I ever tried that!

I’m not 100% giving the energy boost to the coke just yet. But I did get a boost.

More data needed before I sign off on that one.

Next up

One week of running in far north Queensland.

Nothing over 20kms, short easy running taking in the scenery.

Research goal, investigate the diet plan in more depth.

Constant and Never Ending Improvement


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